I am trying to learn how to use illustrator. It is so different than hand drawing. At first I really hated it. I insulted the art made with illustrator because I couldn’t do it and it was difficult for me. I really respect different ways of drawing especially as new technologies are developed and invented for the arts. These are three pretty basic drawings I have put together for a project using Adobe illustrator and I am pretty happy with them. I am far from being an expert with the software, but I am open minded and excited by the possibilities it lends to drawing. I am improving, but certainly have a lot to learn so if anyone has advice I would love to here it. Now that I am past my hate phase I look forward to improving and broadening my horizons of materials used for drawing and making art.




I am still working on my Atlas of Unknown Creatures, unfortionately it has had to take a bit of a back seat since I am very busy this semester with animation and on top of that the next few weeks are finals and then after that over the following semester I will be focusing on my BFA project. Winter break lingers near so hopefully I can get back into it, In my free time I have been continuing them and I soon hope to start writing more. This is going to be a long project with no known ending so we will see where this goes. It could be anywhere from 2-20 years. It could become a life project that is published years after I have deceased, as it is found hidden in the dust of some distant family members attic. I can’t say for what only the future knows.

Happy Holidays







Devote yourself to prayer
Tempt not Satan
Lovely deer, graceful doe, your youth.
O loved one fill the earth
Control thy body
Swim away towards song.
Be remembered like Asherah
Obey the voice, don’t cry.
You are clean and God loves you
No concern for hate you man
who lies with a male as with a woman.

butterflyproject01How I heard about the project, got involved, and what it means to me:

I am a collaborator of Tasha Lewis’s “Swarm the World” project. I first heard of the project from Mister Finch, an artist who also works within the beauty of nature. He had posted a link to the sight and I quickly contacted Tasha in hopes of getting involved. I am a 21 year old student living and going to school in Chicago, IL and it can be very grey and cold here. I am originally from New Jersey. My area was filled with farms and suburban towns. Moving to Chicago was and has been hard for me because of the lack of nature- city integration. The parks here are great, and the city can be wild, but through Tasha’s project I hoped to bring more color through nature into this large city. I wanted to bring hope and joy to peoples faces and contribute to the expansion of this project. There is a lot of racial tension in Chicago and there is a lot of violence and with these butterflies I would like people to stop and see and just think of them for just a little. I would like to create a moment where for just a second the violence could be left behind and seen as nothing but a saddened past. I want the butterflies to be our future, where together we can become this singular beauty where our differences don’t matter and we are just seen as one thing working and holding one another together. Although a single butterfly is beautiful on its own there is something so spectacularly magical about seeing the migration of butterflies and seeing them together as an abundance. It is in the way they move and interact with one another that creates such mysticism. The way they catch the breeze of the wind ever so gently. I once got to witness this beautiful sight when in Fire Island (in New York). There were so many of them it was a very surreal moment that I will never forget and I strive to create that moment through these butterflies.

Promotion of the project :

I am involved as a participant in this international art project called “Swarm the World
and the project is in need of funding. It would be great if you could either share this or contribute directly. Every dollar counts, and is appreciated. It is going towards a very worth while project so Please take a moment to check out this kickstarter. As I had said above I’m participating in this global art exhibit and will be posting photos of the installations during my leg of the swarms journey. If you could help out by donating that would be great if not please enjoy photos of the journey when it begins in the fall. Thanks!
Lily Rosen


Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 2.18.54 PM

Hey I am trying out instagram for kicks and giggles we will see how it goes and how long it lasts. Be sure to check it out and follow me here is the link


I don’t have anything up yet but I think it may be a bit easier for me to do quick updates on my art without having to edit and use a scanner. If anyone has an instagram be sure to let me know so I can follow



5yr_old_meA drawing I did when I was 5. Maybe I should go back to this stage of art making I think it was better.

I took this online personality test and I think I answered the questions not wrong, but not exactly right either. The answers I gave still seem to make sense however in a rather unusual way that I feel kind of speaks to the way I go about, think, and sometimes misunderstand things. I am not one to say that these online personality tests are anything serious or have any particular meaning I just happen to like the way my answers strangely meshed with the tests goal and results. I think they came together in an oddly poetic way. Either way this is the test I took and bellow are my answers/ results.

  1. The wind= My attitude towards life, emotions, and sensations
  2. Soft moss and mud between my bare feet= The way I feel towards my family
  3. The sunshine= My attitude towards women
  4. Moving grass= My attitude towards men
  5. Keep looking through the hole and share it with others= My basic life strategies
  6. I would drink the water and take the jug= How selective I am in a sexual life
  7. Ask to stay the night, but first check who is living there to be sure I don’t get murdered. Also hope they have a phone so I can return home= My readiness for marriage
  8. I would slowly walk through it until the fog cleared away= My attitude towards life

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