which has actually turned into somewhat of a mixed media piece. This image is from my sketchbook and is what I have been using as reference, the actual piece is something like 2ft by 3 ft. and I shall post once the project is finished some time before April 11th.


Work in progress

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Shooting star test for an animation I am working on.

2014-11-15 23.36.43

I will update with a better photo

2014-11-20 12.25.38

I have been finding that recently, especially as I have been getting older that I have been wanting less trivial things (or maybe this is the after shock of returning from India). In general I have been wanting less, or rather been desiring more personal things such as companionship, musical instruments, and things that touch my heart. I have been working towards things that feel like perfection within my self. I understand that clothing trends will come and go, but something that I love and can connect with is something worth lusting for and splurging on. I have been wanting to spend more on moments and time rather than on immediate satisfaction that leads to buyers remorse. These changes that I have been seeing in myself are something I am proud of. I will be 22 in only a few days and for some reason I am terrified, but at the same time ready to be one year older. Mostly ready in the sense that it is inevitable and inescapable and terrified for those same reasons. And as I get older I am trying my very best to make what I can of every ever shortening year I have. My mother says I am too young to be talking the way I do, but my brain wont stop reminding me that I am a ticking clock that will one day quit ticking. and for some reason I am okay with this, but while wanting to be the most perfect person I can be.


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