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Hey I am trying out instagram for kicks and giggles we will see how it goes and how long it lasts. Be sure to check it out and follow me here is the link

I don’t have anything up yet but I think it may be a bit easier for me to do quick updates on my art without having to edit and use a scanner. If anyone has an instagram be sure to let me know so I can follow



5yr_old_meA drawing I did when I was 5. Maybe I should go back to this stage of art making I think it was better.

I took this online personality test and I think I answered the questions not wrong, but not exactly right either. The answers I gave still seem to make sense however in a rather unusual way that I feel kind of speaks to the way I go about, think, and sometimes misunderstand things. I am not one to say that these online personality tests are anything serious or have any particular meaning I just happen to like the way my answers strangely meshed with the tests goal and results. I think they came together in an oddly poetic way. Either way this is the test I took and bellow are my answers/ results.

  1. The wind= My attitude towards life, emotions, and sensations
  2. Soft moss and mud between my bare feet= The way I feel towards my family
  3. The sunshine= My attitude towards women
  4. Moving grass= My attitude towards men
  5. Keep looking through the hole and share it with others= My basic life strategies
  6. I would drink the water and take the jug= How selective I am in a sexual life
  7. Ask to stay the night, but first check who is living there to be sure I don’t get murdered. Also hope they have a phone so I can return home= My readiness for marriage
  8. I would slowly walk through it until the fog cleared away= My attitude towards life

Dear people who are posting a lot of stuff about stuff,

It’s all nonsense, our world is of Fantasy. I feel like we are living in a world of extreme jealously we are all comparing and wishing against ourselves and each other and it doesn’t make sense. We are just making up excuses to hate each other for reasons unknown or reasons that lack importance, like she’s fat or she’s too skinny. We are all pushing each other to the ground in attempt to seem or feel higher. None of it means anything. This white privilege vs black privilege, woman vs. man, rich vs. poor. None of it has any meaning, it means NOTHING except for when people bring negative connotations to it as we all are. We, as people like to believe in a hierarchy, someone has to have more power than another and one person has to feel less powerful and significant than the other. We are all people- a person living on one earth, breathing the same air, fighting to survive, struggling with ourselves and trying to feel significant and in control.  We hate ourselves so we hate others we want to bring them down so we can go up. At the end of the day, when your time is all up what’s the point? In the end we are all the same, just bodies and souls that are born then one day die.

I know no one will read this, in a way I hope no one will read it because they are just words that form opinions that don’t really mean anything.


Happy 100th post to my blog :)

So beautiful and haunting. This song is extremely stuck in my head

In recent years it’s hard to bear

As I was young I did not fear

For what know I of what was near

Never had I shed one tear


Impossible to clear the mind

I can’t get back what’s left behind

There’s only something new to find

My Rhyming left to quite unwind


I miss soft days of willow trees

Climbing bark and scratching knees

Chasing butterflies and bees

Talking with the shifting breeze


So many things that can’t be seen

How shall I say for what they mean

No more days of tambourines

All is gone once past eighteen


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